Apex Self Storage

Carport Sizing Chart:

12' Wide - 1 Car, Truck, SUV

18' Wide - 2 Compact Cars

20' Wide - 2 Mid-Sized Cars, Trucks, SUV's

22' Wide - 2 Full Size Cars, Trucks, SUV's

24' Wide - 2 Full or Oversized Cars, Trucks, SUV's  Options:

Full Gables

Extra Sheets Service Doors

Extra Height


Roll-up Doors (6x7 -12x12)

Wind and snow bracing available for all buildings.  Measuring Guidelines:

We recommend that you measure the vehicles to be covered using the following procedure. Measure the width of each vehicle and then add 5' to accommodate the opening of the doors to each vehicle.

Sizes Available in 30' - 40' Wide

     Color Choices:

Also available in White

Color swatches are approximate and may vary from actual material.  

12x20 12x24 12x28 12x32 12x36 12x40

Black Trim Available

18x20 18x24 18x28 18x32 18x36 18x40   

20x20 20x24 20x28 20x32 20x36 20x40   

22x20 22x24 22x28 22x32 22x36 22x40   

24x20 24x24 24x28 24x32 24x36 24x40   

custom design and installation available